Paid Search (PPC) & SEO


Paid Search (PPC)

We develop innovative paid search campaigns. We rigorously research your business, your competitors, the industry and your customers. We then create different keyword portfolios to ensure that you are competing on the major search engines. PPC is a highly effective form of digital marketing and we will work with you and your budget to drive traffic to your website, engage with customers and increase conversions.

All our PPC campaigns come with full reporting and our consultative evaluation. We constantly monitor and analyse our campaigns to ensure that they are performing correctly and are in line with your overall objectives.


We utilise industry leading software to benchmark your current SEO position and then through our extensive experience, we research your industry and competitors to develop a strategy to help you grow your search engine presence organically.

We optimise your website from both a content and technical perspective, concentrating on the speed of your website, URL’s, Titles, Descriptions, Images, Headings, Content and Code. We also build authority for your website with off-page SEO. Google, as well as other search engines, rely on external factors to rate your ranking, therefore we ensure that your site gets linked to, mentioned and shared by other websites, blogs, social media and this, combined with our on-site SEO, will achieve higher rankings and in turn, more trust.


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